Crumble, Lay Me Down Justin Timberlake

Paul Bargetto directed Crumble, lay me down Justin Timberlake by Sheila Callaghan in a German premiere at the Voices from undergroundzero festival in Bielefeld, Germany in October 2008 before entering the repertory. A meditation on loss, mothers and daughters, and the secret life of old buildings, the play is a tragicomedy of absurd proportions with visitations by Justin Timberlake, Harrison Ford and a loquacious and homicidal apartment.

Sets and Costumes by Jurgen Hoth, Sound Design by Jens Kupsch with Stefan Imholz, John Wesley Zielmann, Isabell Giebeler, Karla Trippel and Therese Berger.

Press: Theater Bielefeld

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