The Taming of the Shrew

Paul Bargetto directed Imblanzirea Scorpiei (The Taming of the Shrew), by William Shakespeare at the National Theater of Constanta, Romania in November 2004 at the invitation of Artistic Director Beatrice Rancea. Constanta is Romania’s second largest city and lies on the Black Sea three hours south of Bucharest. The project was conceived with the playwright Saviana Stanescu in a four-week workshop in July and August of 2004. During this process a new translation and adaptation of the text was completed in a collaborative process with the actors. In addition to the new text, elements were incorporated using dance and the popular folk music of the Gypsy Taraf. The play premiered on November 19th in Constanta, and again in Bucharest on December 12, 2005.   It played in repertory for many years in Constanta and toured to numerous cities including Ploesti, Pitest, and Alba Iulia.

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Adaptation Saviana Stanescu, Costumes Doina Lavintza, Sets Constantin Ciubotariu
Choreography Milidi Tataru, Asst. Costume Mirela Anca, Mihaela Minu, Asst. Director Cristina Enachescu, Technical Director Gelu Ciobanu.  The cast included Cristi Jacob as Petruchio and Georgiana Mazilescu as Katherina with Liviu Manolacu, George Calin, Dan Zorila, Gabriella Jacob, Nicoleta Lefter, Mihai Sorin Vasilescu, Dan Cogalniceanu, Mihai Smarandache, Pawel Bursan, Bogdan Bucataru, Iulian Enache, Alexandru Mereuta, Maria Lupu, Mirela Pana, Marian Adochitei, Gianina Andrei Bitere, Claudia Fortan, Turchian Nasurla, Roman Florentin, Aurica Mangu, Paul Talisman, Mirona Stefan, Ion Itoafa, Raimonda Popescu, Christian Osolosz, Oana Botez, Daniel Dragomir, Ghiulten Mustafa, Adrian Caliga, Catalina Margarint, Paula Fratila, Alina Caliga , Costel Closca, Stefan Lache, Gigel Stanciu, Ionel Paraleu, Florian Anghel, and Dumitru Dumitrache.


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