Serenade & Philosopher Fox

Paul Bargetto directed the two one-act plays Serenade and Philosopher Fox by the Polish playwright Slawomir Morzek at Collective:Unconscious in New York City in January 2005.  In both of these thinly disguised animal fables the character of “fox” inhabits a world of hens and humans, a victim of his “animal nature.”

But human bodies can astonish too, and that’s what the director, Paul Bargetto and the East River Commedia collective do.” Margo Jefferson, NY Times

In Serenade “Fox” attempts to woo three hens from their hen house with sweet music and lies.  In Philosopher Fox, “Fox” comes upon a Bishop sitting alone on a bench who becomes his silent confessor.  The plays were honored with three Innovative Theater Awards for Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Production.  The play was a co-prodcution of East River Commedia and The Polish Cultural Institute in New York.  The p set was designed by Mimi Lien, costumes by Oana Botez, and starred Troy Lavallee, Michelle Guthrie, Rad Kaim, Heather Benton, and Ray Wasik.


NY Times


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