The Jamal Lullabies

Paul Bargetto directed The Jamal Lullabies, a musical tribute and lament written and scored by Emily Conbere in numerous incarnations.  The piece was originally performed at the 2008 undergroundzero festival and had further appearances at the Krane Theater, PS 122 for the 2009 undergroundzero festival, and the Minneapolis Fringe Festival.

This is definitely not a show constrained by slavish political correctness from asking difficult questions about the blinders erected by race and privilege and by youth love and sex. The show manages to be funny, shocking and disturbing all at once.” Cheryl Hulting, Blogger

In the piece four young, white women sing about Jamal, a “beloved gang member, a soft spoken lover, and a beautiful tired out addict” who was killed at a gang shooting during a party. As the women unfold their stories it becomes clear that each of them loved him in profound ways that altered the course of their lives.  The piece was performed by Bekah Coulter, Debbie Friedman, Nicole Stefonek, Allison Jill Posner, and Kristina Teschner with lighting design by Derek Wright.


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Minneapolis Fringe

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