The Magnificent Cuckold

Paul Bargetto directed The Magnificent Cuckold in October 2007 at the Connelly Theater in New York City.  The Magnificent Cuckold is a comically grotesque study of sexual jealousy. Its protagonist Bruno  is a young man whose inability to calm his suspicions about his wife’s fidelity makes him force her to betray him—she must do so in front of him, and with the whole village.

Director Paul Bargetto instilled attention to detail, impeccable comic timing, and precision ensemble work in his universally excellent cast.” Louis Lopardi, Artzine

The play is crammed with caricature, mockery, masquerade and betrayal. It is also a psychological drama of unusual depth: a tragicomedy of delusional jealousy and a piercing look at love and power. Henry Miller called the play “the most beautiful thing ever written about jealousy” and deemed it “even higher than Shakespeare’s Othello.”

The Set Design was by Mimi Lien, Costumes by Amanda Bujak, Music by Nico Muhly, Lighting Design by Tim Cryan, starring Troy Lavallee, Morgan Lynch, Reet Varnik, Jeffrey Woodard, Jorge Rubio, Eric Dean Scott, Laura Wickens, Meredith Napolitano, Joe Sevier, Dan Cozzens, Max Woertendyke, Jessica Bates, Ishah Janssen-Faith, Ashley Avis and Kayla Lian.  Photos by Piotr Redlinski.


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