Eldorado Teatr: Season 1

Eldorado Teatr is an independent international online theater founded by Paul Bargetto in Warsaw, Poland in the time of global pandemic. It is a project of Fundacja Teatru Trans-Atlantyk produced by Marta Cienkowska under the technical direction of Rafal Formaniak. This project is inspired by two prewar theaters also named Eldorado: a Jewish theater that operated in the Warsaw Ghetto, and a gay cabaret that operated in Berlin before the war. This theater hopes to reflect the multinational and multicultural fabric of a cosmopolitan Warsaw, and to encourage a spirit of diversity, solidarity, and tolerance.

The first season opened in May 2020 and featured a diverse line up including:

Sekrety u Grega (Secrets with Greg) a dial in live performance inspired by late night mystics with Grzegorz Sierzputowski

Szeptusia, an ASMR show based on travel with Marta Król

Transformations, a contemporary digital dance series with VJ Majo

Klub Eldorado, a live broadcast music series

Kabaret Eldorado, an online digital cabaret

Kosmos, an experimental film and video series

Anti-Kor Shuffle Revolution: Series of dance projects based on the global club dancing form of Shuffle.

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