Historie Mowione

(Spoken Histories)

A site-specific multi-media performative installation made in the legendary University of Poznan canteen “The Garden of Tastes” on December 11, 2021. Over many decades this humble canteen played host to many important artists, professors, and politicians including Margret Thatcher. The restaurant was run by Maria Królska until it was closed suddenly at the start of the Covid pandemic. The piece explores the transition of Poland from communism to capitalism, the technology revolution, and the conflict between Polish communitarianism and the radical individualism of Western neoliberalism. It is also a piece about local Poznan history, and a response to the pandemic.

The main characters are Maria Królska, enigma code breakers Alan Turing and Marian Rejewski, anthropologist Józef Burszta, Margaret Thatcher, Michaił Gorbaczow, and Ronald Reagan.

Concept: Agata Elsner, Marta Jagniewska
Text: Marta Jagniewska
Director: Paul Bargetto
Music and Sound: Adam Frankiewicz
Set Design: Iza Kolka
Costumes: Tomasz Dutka
Video Mix and Projection: Jędrzej Borkiewicz
Photography: Evgeniia Klemba
Producer: Malwina Janik
Actors: Agata Elsner, Iwona Kotzur, Nastya Miedviedieva, Karolina Pawełska, Marcin Kęszycki.

Spektakl dofinansowany z budżetu miasta Poznań.Partnerami projektu są: Centrum Szyfrów Enigma, Poznańskie Centrum Dziedzictwa, Wydział Historii Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu, Uniwersytet Artystyczny im. Magdaleny Abakanowicz w Poznaniu


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