Flying Studio of Theater and Movement

The Flying Studio of Theater and Movement offers regular training and classes for students, professionals, and children in contemporary movement-based performing arts. The classes include contemporary dance, physical theater, the Viewpoints, and improvisation.

This initiative will provide access for ongoing training, community development, and the exposure to new working methods in a spirit of open inquiry and personal expression that bridges the theater and dance communities. In addition to the regular teaching team, guest teachers will be invited to bring new methods and concepts to enrich the general offering.


OFFER: 50zl for Individual Lessons – 260zl for six Lessons


The Viewpoints
Tuesdays 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm at Twarda 42, Warsaw

Paul Bargetto has been teaching the Viewpoints for more than twenty years in New York City, Poland and throughout Europe. The Viewpoints is a method of movement training for actors and dancers originally conceived by choreographer Mary Overlie inspired by the pioneering work of the Judson Church Group (including such innovators in dance and music as Robert Dunn, David Gordon, Yvonne Rainier, Meredith Monk, and John Cage). In 1979, experimental theater director Anne Bogart expanded the Viewpoints for training actors in movement and composition for the theater. Her development became a staple of the work of her company the SITI Company and is now standard training in the theater in the United States.

Movement, Dance, and Body Awareness for Children

Ania Skupien:  Thursdays 5:00pm – 7:00pm at t Twarda 42, Warsaw

In a fun and positive atmosphere children will develop body awareness through movement and improvisation. Following their own intuition and body reflexes, they will learn how to become their own choreographers. This course focuses on helping students develop their own unique voice and movement vocabulary and to learn teamwork and how to work as an ensemble.

Ania Skupien is a theater artist, body worker and yoga instructor. She is a specialist in fascia massage, the MER method (myofascial energy release) as well as Holistic Rebalancing Massage, Biodynamic Breathing and Trauma Release.

She has an extensive background in devised theater and traditional Irish dance. Her method for teaching children focuses on developing body awareness and releasing the inner movement and creative potential in children.


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