The Flying Sandbox

Paul Bargetto has taught his workshop for actors The Flying Sandbox at numerous locations in New York City and Internationally since 2004.  The workshop is directly related to his work in his rehearsal process and is designed to give actors the tools they need to work in an ensemble driven environment.  In the workshop actors learn techniques and engage in rigorous training that will help them become complete theater artists by taking an active part in the process of composition and freeing their imaginations.  The Sandbox takes its inspiration from the great Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni who believed that an artists creativity is in remembering and practicing the effortless creative imagination of a child playing in the sandbox.  Find the sandbox on Facebook

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Testimonials from the last Flying Sandbox in Bucharest, Romania

“The motto for me in this workshop was: hold on tightly, let go lightly! There’s so much truth here and it applies so well in every aspect of our lives…During this workshop I fell in love again, I fell in love with acting, I fell in love with working together with artists, I fell in love with our wild imagination coming to life, i fell in love with viewpoints and the discipline of suzuki, I fell in love with the silence and stillness that speaks so loudly. ”  Iulia Anastasia Rosca

“I didn’t expect to find so many beautiful people, to run around bare feet in MNAC, in the big Casa, and also, to find a bit more of myself while training my body and mind.  I learned how to be part of an ensemble, the importance of viewpoints and the balance Suzuki brings through discipline. It was both demanding and rewarding. ”  Irina Marinescu

“For me, as an interdisciplinary artist, all the experiences I received during this workshop are extremely useful. And the most important value I’ve learned is togetherness. We opened up our minds and hearts together in this process of building a small community bringing joy in Casa Poporului and replacing the memory of the suffering of that place.”  Irinel Anghel

“The Flying Sandbox workshop held by Paul Bargetto in Bucharest, in collaboration with MNAC and Doctor’s Studio, was a strong and helpful experience that made me realize how important is the relationship with other work partners and its outcome, a powerful group able to answer many artistic requirements (theater, dance, music).”  Alexandru Buescu



A method of actor training developed by the choreographer Mary Overlie and Anne Bogart in New York City during the 1970’s.  In this training actors learn the methodology of structured movement improvisation and the foundations of ensemble based composition.

Suzuki Method:

A method of actor training developed by Tadashi Suzuki of Japan. This rigorous training method deepens core physical strength, balance, and discipline.

New Commedia:

This form is a core aesthetic development and working method of East River Commedia and Paul Bargetto. It is an evolution of the classical Commedia grounded in the grotesque, improvisation, stock, character, lazzi, and mask applied to contemporary archetypes.

Ensemble Building Blocks:

A series of exercises and improvisations designed to forge group identity, ensemble thinking and creative ensemble independence.

Ensemble Based Composition:

Actors are immersed in the technique of ensemble driven composition.  Instead of passive actors in a director’s vision, the ensemble becomes an active participant and generator of new material and staging transforming the relationship between ensemble and actor and ensemble and director.

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