East River Commedia

A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians


The Jamal Lullabies by Emily Conbere

The Magnificent Cuckold

Serenade & Philosopher Fox

Philosopher Fox

Out at Sea and Striptease


Staged Readings

 For A Barbarian Woman, by Saviana Stanescu, Lark Play Development Center, NYC

The Bath Opera, by Emily Conbere, Mabou Mines Residency at PS 122, NYC

Blood & Coffee, By Rueben Jackson, Roy Arias Studios, NYC


Charlie Victor Romeo, by Robert Berger, Pat Daniels, & Irving Gregory Edinburgh International Fringe Festival, Theater Royal, Bury St. Edmunds, Zero Arrow Theater, Cambridge, MA, Studio Theater, Washington D.C.

Rough for Theater II and Catastrophe by Samuel Beckett, Man II, and Director Irish Classical Theater, Buffalo, NY

hree Sisters, by Anton Chekhov, Fedotik, Irish Classical Theater, Buffalo, NY

Baal, by Bertolt Brecht, Ekert House of Candles Theater, NYC

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