Margret Project at Warsaw Night of Museums

Margret is a documentary performance installation presented as part of the 2019 Warsaw Night of Museums at the atelier of Jaga Hupalo. The project is based on a collection of photographs, diaries, and objects that were recently found in a suitcase in Cologne, Germany.  The materials obsessively document a secret love affair between a German business executive and his young secretary starting in 1969 and ending approximately one year later. This found work of art, or art brut, recalls the work of Sophie Calle and Hans-Peter Feldman and like these artists “relentlessly exposes the audience to their own voyeurism.”  Even in our time of total exposure in social media, these materials still maintain the power to shock and fascinate.

Directed by Paul Bargetto with costumes and set design by Ilona Binarsch and hair and makeup by Jaga Hupało.  Performed by Agnieszka Rozkowska and Grzegorz Sierzputowski.

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