Plateau at Teatr Rozbark with Maciej Kuzminski.

Plateau (Premiere, March 23, 2019) is a dance theater collaboration with choreographer Maciej Kuzminski and director Paul Bargetto with designers Ilona Binarsch and Pawel Murlik.  Inspired by the prophetic essay of Gilles Deleuze of the same name, the performance explores the shattered reality of contemporary Poland set against a backdrop of surveillance capitalism, conspiracy theory, and religious fanaticism. With a mix of high theory and absurd humor, the piece probes deeply into traumas and taboos to reveal a nation in the middle of a nervous breakdown.

“A very intense, interesting and dense spectacle that goes far beyond the dance theater. Full of words and captivating dance scenes, referring accurately to the present day, very journalistic. And in a multidimensional way telling about Poland. It perfectly accommodated Polish phobias, ills, myths, touched taboos, reaching for unobvious means of expression.”

Monika Żmijewska, Gazeta Wyborcza

Comic scenes and monologues that bring to mind the humor of Monty Python’s movies, amuse and worry at the same time. […] The scene maintained in the convention of improvised theater, in which the actors portray Polish dramas, is a masterpiece of the grotesque. […] The last stage of the performance, in which the actress with the Hussar wings – the personification of Poland – stands on the proscenium in the underwear alone and delivers a poor artist’s manifesto is a truly moving moment that touches something extremely real.

Joanna Sarnecka, taniec polska

a cosmopolitan bigos, deconstructing national symbols, mocking lofty values and great ideals, and at the same time spiced with British humor. […] The performes have no easy task, but they cope well with the demanding scenario – both dance and acting wise.

Magdalena Mirkut-Majeranek, Theatre Daily

Interview about the process of Plateau from the Instytut Muzyki i Tańca

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