Fabula Rasa – with Maciej Kuzminski and Polish Dance Theatre

Fabula Rasa, a new collaboration with choreographer Maciej Kuzminski with Polish Dance Theatre at Centrum Kultury Zamek in Poznan. This performance is inspired by the book, Fabula Rasa, the last work of the post-war poet and novelist Edward Stachura who took his own life in 1979. It is a surreal, hypnotic, and haunting performance with bright flourishes of humor exploring themes of alienation, self-annihilation, and ritual ecstasy with an original score inspired by the composer Stanisław Moniuszko.

I have not encountered such an excellent choreography for a long time: from developed coherent choreographic drawings to the balanced dynamics of the dancer movement. (…) This spectacle is above all a great selection of soloists and ballet, as well as harmonizing music with dance, so that you don’t need any words or additional comments.

Katarzyna Nowicka Kultura Poznan

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