Eldorado Season 2: Alphabet Cities

Eldorado Teatr is an international theater that produces digital content, live arts, and an annual festival founded by Paul Bargetto in 2020.  It is dedicated to the following values and goals as stated in the Dresden Declaration in 2020: Foster democracy, Enhance social cohesion, Stimulate critical thinking, Nourish empathy and imagination, and Promote intercultural dialogue.  Each year, the theater selects a subject of important social need and then assembles a team of experts and artists from the relevant field to develop and execute programming.  This year the project is called Alphabet Cities, and the subject is the struggle for human rights and dignity in the LGBTQ community in Poland. The project will take place throughout the year with online meetings, lectures, events, workshops, and artistic practice online from San Francisco, New York, Warsaw, and Berlin culminating in a multi-day festival in Warsaw.

Alphabet Cities was started as a response to the ongoing repression and marginalization of the LGBTQ community in Poland. Therefore, the Eldorado project is an act of resistance that builds international solidarity, develops effective tools for activism, creates inter-generational dialogue, develops and raises awareness of queer history and culture, and commissions and presents high quality artistic projects to encourage positive social change. It is inspired by the history of Act Up in the United States and the historic roots of the original Eldorado theater, a Jewish theater that operated in the Warsaw Ghetto, and the Eldorado Club in Berlin in the 1920’s and 1930’s, a hub of early queer expression.

Paul Bargetto: Founder and Artistic Director (USA, New York, Warsaw)

Robert Avila: Co-Artistic Director, Curator (USA, San Francisco)

Tomasz Thun-Janowski: Senior Advisor (PL)

Ed Wolf: Advisor, Curator, and Artist (USA)

Joanna Krakowska: Advisor and Curator (PL)

Przemysław Madej: Curator (PL)

Ola Juchasz: Curator (PL)

Paweł Świerczek Curator (PL)

Szymon Adamczak Curator (PL)

Rafal Formaniak: Technical Director (PL)

Ernesto Sopprani: Technical Director (USA)

Julia Halas: Associate Producer: (PL)


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