Plateau at Tanzfaktur Festival Köln

After a long Covid hibernation and political censorship, Plateau, my collaboration with Maciej Kuzminski and Ilona Binarsch, traveled to Cologne, Germany for the Tanzfaktur Festival on July 16, 2021. For more on the political difficulties the piece has faced, you can watch this short video. The piece was performed in English for the first time. Here is a review from the Kölnische Rundschau translated from German:

“UFO’s and Mermaids! What a wonderful contrast to the Dutch performance the day before is offered by the ensemble of the Rozbark Theater from Poland and its artistic directors Maciej Kuzminski and Paul Bargetto. The six-person troupe on stage fights passionately for the belief in mermaids, UFOs and the equality of Mary the Mother of God within the Holy Trinity. Behind the friendly humor of the ensemble, however, there is a seriousness that gets under your skin. Because here the mechanisms of oppression are denounced in the ways the church and politics, or belief and power, attempt to curtail the freedom of art and the sexual orientation of people. In epic scale, but also with many great stage picture ideas, a clever ironic text, and a well-rehearsed ensemble that moves like a well-oiled machine, the audience is offered a dance theater as a dense and powerful performance. The Rozbark Theater clearly wants to affect something with its production. It succeeded in doing this very emphatically and clearly. However, it did not receive funding for this presentation from the Polish state or from the Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation.” Thomas Linden in “Kölnische Rundschau”.

Here are photos from the warmup presentation at the PESKA Festival. All Photos by Tomas Raczynski taken at the PESKA Festival

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